4​-​Way Split W/ Texas Instruments, Baitfish, and Regret, The Informer

by Battle Royale



released December 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Battle Royale Kansas City, Missouri


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Track Name: ...But It Still Sucks
a kind of feeling that overwhelms the slightest sensibility
you're like a burning ember dying slowly in the july heat bred in the coldest regions of wherever my hands seem to lay
I'll learn to conquer anything without anybody on my side
this weight burdons everything
now feels like the only time that I can make a decision on what I should do
this rope gets tighter
you're ready, you're waiting
are you sure you're not scared?
I'm not brave like I wish I was
evil still lives inside of me
never sure
push and pull me apart
send me there now
for me please
wait for me
I'm here now
Track Name: Mark, Service Champion
can't even pretend that this is anything but natural
broken radios and the sound of rain
paved parodies of your unclean thoughts
Track Name: Never Knows Best
my heart is held up by moments that destroy
my armor, created to be the barrier
wait for it to make you into better targets
cast out all the dirt and rotten fruit from your home
burn down every trace of stolen furniture
make yourself into the killer of a child's life
It's time to just let this go
I wasted 3 years of my life
and I just want your shadow to die
everything is too good to be true
you're so fucking selfish it's bad for you
please realize that people care for you
Track Name: What The Fuck Was The Scene From That Movie?
if I am not the best
then I am nothing
please tell me I am worth something
am I worth something?