It's Not Going To Be Alright.

by Battle Royale

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released August 6, 2012

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tyler Perryman (Under The Mix).



all rights reserved


Battle Royale Kansas City, Missouri


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Track Name: You Make My Favorite Kids
I can't stop so let's go
and maybe I'll die in the process
It's never good enough for you
It's never good enough for me
cold hands wrap around my neck

let's see you grit those teeth

I am a product of failing over and over again.

I know I won't make it home, but it's almost worse if I try, and I know I won't make it home tonight.

I know I won't become anything more than you. Maybe birds are just flailing, but maybe not, maybe they're content. It's nothing in comparison.

We are a product of what we never loved.

You loved. You created. You ran away.
It's been 20 years and I don't know who you are.
You're like everyone else. You're only out for yourself.
I'm fine without you.
Track Name: You Guys Should Have Named Your Band RC Cola
these are my choices
keep yours to yourself
would it matter to you
if I just laid here
and took it like it was nothing?
you're so much better than me
better than this
too many thoughts just won't come out
too many moments I can't take back
too many drinks, too many car wrecks.

And it's pulling my arms, kind eyes of better times.
But I'd rather be homeless.
Track Name: Russians Have Real Problems
I can't wake up to hear the sirens screaming my name
grab me by the leg and break it off
there are rules instated, my house, my rules.

I cannot define a thing without you here to my hold my hand
I'm such a child on the inside and I can't fathom changing

Unfun, Jawbreaker. If I'm, not wrong. Honestly, I'm not wrong.

Choke on your own.

I won't come home until I feel safe. The worst part of all this, if home's where the heart is, then why not for me?
Track Name: Throwing Rocks At Things Kicks Ass

Burn your name onto yourself
just leave me out of this
you can't treat me
like you own me
and I can't sit here anymore
I won't handle your criticism
you can just say what you want
but don't act like I don't give a fuck
try like you can't win
and cry like you mean it
and it's all encased in
parts of past that just fade away
where did it go?

Break into my own home.
Track Name: Uhh... Have You Guys Seen My Backpack?
I learned the consequence of having friends

I'm waiting to hear that you're ready to go
you seem to be hurt but I just can't care

can't even act
it's hard to make it

until I fall flat out of words
you get under my skin
and sink your disease into me
I still can't make it out
just let it wash away
this feeling redefines my hatred.

These places, these strangers we call our friends, we give new meaning to home sweet home. These faces, these roads we call our home, we give new meaning to the word friend.
And I've been screaming at my footsteps, telling them take me home, you'll never know what it felt like, you've never been so alone.