Four Songs

by Battle Royale

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released May 4, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Perryman(Under The Mix)



all rights reserved


Battle Royale Kansas City, Missouri


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Track Name: Take A Shot James
An unabridged telling of a lifelong silence
cover me in absence
drench me in forgot
let's have a party
you bring the fight
I'll bring the doubt
Let's end this here and now
maybe I should call again
and apologize
because I've been so bad
so loud, so painful
just fill me up again
top me off at half way
Gregorian is just too long
let's throw out our birthdays
no, it's not happening this year
we're all still too alone to feel a thing.
Track Name: I Can See The Drunk In Your Eyes
things are different this time
what once was pale red and rotting
is a fountain of shining blue
dripping with fascination and sweet smells
foundations shift though,
sometimes the feelings fade,
other times angry ghosts flicker back into existence,
only to remind you of past mistakes
ancient feelings only resurrect insecurities
the wind is a constant reminder
the temperature is a burdon
these walls show scars of redemption
revenge is still seated deeply on a throne of guilt
I'm seizing closure to an inevitable end
let the peace of mind carry me back to neutrality
and solitude will once again brace my hopes and dreams
you're all here watching me descend
I'll watch you turn your backs and walk away
Track Name: Parker, Son-In-Law
get onto the carpet
and cover your head
bent knees bent backs
harsh breath harsh tongues
there are tiny little curtains on your lips
apprehension is so unsettling that I want to vomit
haunting footsteps on the dirty floorboards
this is killing me
Track Name: My Mouth As A Warzone
Humanity, I want to know these things are real
these frames are holding wavering moments of sanity
I want to hold on forever
When the moments here, maybe I'll just give up
these people are so strong
but not you
you're just as selfish as I am
Just as cold
just as ruthless
just as pitiless
You want people to feel sorry for you
you want people to love you
I want that too.
I need to be the best
so I can prove to everyone
prove to everyone that they're wrong
I'm going to get through this
I'm going to succeed at every possibly junction
I won't flicker out and fade away
I will be remembered
my existence will be marked on the halls of infinity
I tried to say that nothing was wrong with me
but now I'll be here, alone but alive